Stormwater Quality Regulations

New requirements demand new approach.

Every year the regulatory landscape changes, and proposed developments must be prepared to address new and more numerous restrictions. Perhaps greatest among these are the more stringent water quality regulations, requiring more stormwater be treated on site, with the intent to improve water quality & alleviate the burden on our cities’ sanitary and storm sewer systems. Low Impact Development

As a result, stormwater management has become a major focus for engineering and landscape architecture firms. Yet, all too often, their approach is to incorporate individual techniques into a project only after the plan has been approved. As various land restrictions and water regulations become more numerous and complex, this practice is too inefficient and lacks the holistic approach necessary for an effective stormwater management strategy.

At Rich Design Studios, we feel the best approach is to consider these systems at the very beginning of the process – during initial planning. Here we will work to incorporate various green infrastructure and low impact development techniques into our plans as we develop a projects infrastructure and preliminary design schemes. Bringing these critical components into the planning process allows them to be integrated in a more creative way. This renders a more unified plan that will perform at a higher level and at a lower cost to our clients.

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