Low Impact Development

An Integrated Planning Approach to Stormwater Management.

In a previous newsletter, we discussed Low Impact Development (LID) as a planning approach and the importance of integrating Green BMP’s into the preliminary planning process. However, as new policies and regulations favor “green” approaches to development, many firms are still planning projects with outdated methods; rarely considering a sites natural systems. Green infrastructure techniques are still an afterthought – selected from a pre-defined menu of choices – often “retrofit” into a project only after planning is complete. This approach can result in a fragmented development with a less effective, and more costly, stormwater management system.

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RDS Featured in Recent Article

Rich Design Studios was recently featured in an article written & published in Lexington, Kentucky based online & print publication Tops Magazine.

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Stormwater Quality Regulations

New requirements demand new approach.

Every year the regulatory landscape changes, and proposed developments must be prepared to address new and more numerous restrictions. Perhaps greatest among these are the more stringent water quality regulations, requiring more stormwater be treated on site, with the intent to improve water quality & alleviate the burden on our cities’ sanitary and storm sewer systems. Low Impact Development

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